Great Lakes region prime spot to catch Lyrid meteor shower this weekend

Sky gazers could be treated to 18-20 fireballs an hour overnight Friday, April 21 and into Saturday morning with the annual Lyrid meteor shower. 

NASA reports that the Lyrids will “radiate” through the Summer Triangle, which is made up of three bright stars in the eastern sky. The second meteor shower of the year will peak during Saturday’s early morning hours. 

See below for a graphic showing where the meteor shower will occur in the sky: 

“Patient observers will be rewarded with the sight of 18 meteors per hour before dawn from a dark sky location,” NASA writes in a news release. “Since the moon will be nearly to its new moon phase, expect excellent moon-less viewing conditions this year.” 

The American Meteor Society reports that the Lyrids are classified as a medium-strength shower that lacks consistency in meteors but has been known to produce fireballs. While these annual showers have been known to produce as many as 100 meteors an hour, that is not expected for this go-round. 

The Lyrids are expected to be active through April 25. 

AccuWeather notes that the best viewing conditions will come from the western Great Lakes where clear skies should produce “uninterrupted viewing conditions.”

“Friday night’s Lyrid meteor shower may be the best meteor shower for the Northern Hemisphere until the peak of the Orionid meteor shower in late October,” AccuWeather reports. 

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